October General Meeting

Thursday, October 13

7:00pm @ Firefighter's Hall and Museum


  • Presentation by the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library
    • Learn about opportunities to become a member of the NEMTL!
  • Presentation by the City of Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services
    • Hear about ways you can volunteer to ensure that every voter's voice is heard this November.
  • Presentation regarding the Eastside Storage and Maintenance Facility
    • The City of Minneapolis is proposing to build a new storage and maintenance facility at 27th and University Ave. NE, on city-owned land. The HNIA Board has met with the project team, reviewed a draft site plan, posed questions, and offered feedback – now the project team wants to hear from you. Please join us to hear about the facility itself, and how Public Works is proposing to make this an asset for the neighborhood and city.


  • The full presentation for the East Side Storage and Maintenance Facility can be found here (ESSMF_-_Holland_Neighborhood_Presentation_10-13-2016.pdf)

  • The proposed plan would require the acquisition and deconstruction of several homes located on University Avenue to provide more space for buffering, green areas, public art, and the possibility of future expansion. If you have questions regarding this project, or own one of the properties located on University Avenue, you can email us at holland@hnia.org and we will get you into contact with the correct person to answer your question.



Hydro-Illuminata Cast Iron Performance Spectacle and Event 

Created by artist Jim Brenner, Hydro-Illuminata aims to use community outreach and public art as a way to engage residents of the Mississippi Watershed District in conversation about water quality and sustainability. The Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association and Water-Bar hosted one of the four workshops where community members crafted boats that were cast and used in the performance. The larger sculpture casted during this event will later be installed at the Edison Plaza.

Check out these photos from the workshop at Water Bar on Saturday, August 27! Photos of the actual Hydro-Illuminata Event from October 1 can be found on our Facebook page.






More information about the Hydro-Illuminata project, partners, and future workshops can be found here.



Organics Recycling Training on October 13 in Windom Park!

Ever wondered what you could be doing with all your food scraps? Want to learn more about how to reduce your garbage and help Minneapolis achieve 80% recycled or composted waste by 2030? Consider attending the City of Minneapolis Organics Recycling Training! You'll receive hands on demonstration experience and the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into how organics recycling can help lead us towards a more sustainable future. More information and RSVP can be found here.




Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Edison Plaza and the Edison Green Campus!

Please join us for the grand opening of the newly installed Edison Plaza on Friday, September 9 at 6:00pm (RSVP to the Facebook event here). The Plaza is the next installment to the Edison Green Campus, featuring a community garden and greenhouse to provide educational opportunities for Edison students, a solar canopy that will generate 40% of the school's energy needs (to be installed soon), and a rainwater collection system that will use runoff to irrigate the athletic fields. For more information about the Edison Green Campus, visit our page here.






Need to vote early? Head over to Water Bar & Public Studio beginning on September 23!

For more information about Water Bar, visit their website.




Discussion and Vote on Plan Modification for Green Campus Initiatives at General Membership Meeting on August 11, 2016

What is the Green Campus? How has this NRP strategy been used and how is that work continuing?

The Green Campus is the area of Holland that is centered around Jackson Square Park and Edison High School. Through investments in public art such as In Flux, Innovation Field, and the NE Green Light Project; green space, and environmental sustainability best management practices such as the storm water management infrastructure installed at the Edison Parking Lot and the new Edison Plaza, the Basin, the Edison solar panel installation, and individual rain gardens in the area; and educational and outreach components that connect residents and students to the technology and opportunities that range from information to how to pursue any of several green careers.  Specifically the Board is considering funding two new projects through the Green Campus Strategy – large-scale pollinator and water-friendly landscaping in and around Jackson Square Park and an arts and outreach event called Hydro-Illuminata (its website is www.hydroilluminata.com and it will be up and running shortly). 

 In order to fund these and other future projects, the Board is requesting a General Membership vote on a proposal to shift $34,234 from two unused NRP Phase I strategies into our NRP Phase II Green Campus strategy.

The Board is asking for your input on an NRP Action Plan Modification to move the balance of $22,271 funds from NRP Phase I strategy 1.1.B.1 Housing Loan Program AND to move the total balance of $11,963 from NRP Phase I strategy 1.1.A.3 Acquire Blighted Housing into Phase II Strategy 2.A.1 Holland Green Campus – if approved the Board does intend to move forward with contracting the needed funds for both the Hydro-Illuminata ($10,000) and the Jackson Square Park Landscaping project (scope still being worked through).

The Housing Loan Program strategy is funds that have already been used once. That is, they were loaned out and the balance reflects payments that have returned. It is now free to use for other priorities.

The Acquire Blighted Housing strategy is funds that were intended for another initiative that is no longer a priority for HNIA (they were allocated for a housing project that has been completed with different funds).

The official motion is: Do you approve an NRP Plan Modifcation that would move the balance of $22,271 funds from NRP Phase I strategy 1.1.B.1 Housing Loan Program AND to move the total balance of $11,963 from NRP Phase I strategy 1.1.A.3 Acquire Blighted Housing into Phase II Strategy 2.A.1 Holland Green Campus? 

The meeting will be on Thursday, August 11 at 7:00pm at the Firefighter Hall and Museum at 664 22nd Avenue NE.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at holland@hnia.org or contact via phone at (612) 781-2299.



10th Annual Eastside Community and Schools BBQ

We are still looking for volunteers to fill several positions. Please email betholson@hnia.org to sign up!





Low-Cost Home Energy Squad Visits for Holland Residents and Edison Families

Want to save money on your utility bills? Check out the low-cost Home Energy Squad Program visits for Holland residents and stakeholders! HNIA has bought down the price of a Home Energy Squad visit for residents and Holland Neighborhood stakeholders to only $30! 

To schedule your visit contact Beth at 612-335-5874 and use code Holl13 to get your discount! Find more information at the CEE webpage




Low Interest Loans Available for Holland Neighborhood and Central Avenue Commercial Property Improvements


 Holland Neighborhood loan program offers businesses up to $50,000 for improvements


Minneapolis, MN – The Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA) is pleased to announce its new commercial lending program, the Holland Economic MainStreet Initiative (HEMI: An Engine for Change). HNIA is partnering with the Center For Energy and Environment (CEE) to provide low-interest loans, between $5,000 and $50,000, to commercial property owners for exterior and interior rehabilitation projects. HNIA aims to offer current and new commercial property owners along Central Avenue and in Holland the chance to contribute to the further revitalization of our community's commercial corridors. 

Some key components of the HEMI Commercial Loan Program include:

  • Revolving loans from $5,000 to $50,000 for commercial property owners;
  • A fixed interest rate of 1.5%;
  • 25-year amortized loan term with a 10-year balloon;
  • Eligible projects can include capital improvements that improve a building's exterior appearance, safety conditions, energy efficiency, or infrastructure;
  • Commercial properties located within the Holland Neighborhood or on Central Avenue between 27th Avenue NE and 18th Avenue NE are eligible to apply for funding.

“As we have seen through the efforts of committed commercial property owners, businesses like the Eastside Food Co-op, and organizations like the NorthEast Investment Cooperative, capital investment in just one or two buildings can completely transform a commercial corridor and spur a cycle of positive growth. HNIA, through HEMI, intends to further empower commercial property owners to continue this revitalization along Central Avenue, and begin promoting investment in Holland and along Lowry and University Avenues. We encourage property owners to apply!” said Adelheid Koski, President of the HNIA Board of Directors.

Click here to download the project proposal application form. 

Interested property owners who want to learn more about the program and the application process can also contact the CEE Lending Center directly and speak with a program representative at:


            Center for Energy and Environment Lending Center

212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 560

Minneapolis, MN 55401




About HNIA: The Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA) is the official neighborhood organization dedicated to representing residents and stakeholders of the Holland neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. Our mission is to serve as a forum for education and feedback on issues affecting the neighborhood, build community by creating connections among neighborhoods and stakeholders within our neighborhood, and acquire funding to provide direction for community based projects. www.hnia.org 

About CEE: The Center for Energy and Environment provides practical, innovative, clean energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and government, advancing the public interest in cleaner energy and a healthier economy. For more information about CEE visit mncee.org